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Myths Featuring Artemis or Diana
Myths Featuring Artemis or Diana. The Greek goddess Artemis (Diana to the Romans) was a virgin goddess of the hunt, sometimes associated with the moon.
Greek Myths and Legends - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Stories, myths and legends about the Ancient Greek gods and goddesses. Also read all about the fantastic adventures of Greek mythology's daring heroes.
Ancient Greek Heroes, Myths and Legends - Ancient/Classical History
Here you'll find information on the ancient myths and legends, particularly those of the Greeks and Romans. The myths are stories generally not believed to be ...
Six Common Myths About Language and Grammar
In the book Language Myths, a team of leading linguists set out to challenge some of the conventional wisdom about language and the way it works.
Creation Myths or Greek Cosmogonies - Ancient/Classical History
Creation Myths and Other Types of Myths. The term "creation myth" can be confusing because the term doesn't specify what is being created. Creation myth  ...
Physics Myths - a list of popular physics myths - About.com
Many legends have arisen over the years in regards to physics and physicists, some of which are quite false. This list collects some of these myths and ...
Myths, Legends, and Folk Tales Differences - Ancient/Classical History
In common parlance the stories of the Greek and Roman deities and heroes are indiscriminately referred to as myths and legends. If we wish to be more careful, ...
Summaries of Ancient Creation Myths - Ancient/Classical History
Stories of how the world and mankind came to be, from chaos, a primordial soup, an egg, or whatever; that is, creation myths.
10 Myths About Dinosaurs
We know enough about dinosaurs to fill a Diplodocus-sized aircraft hanger--but that hasn't prevented people from adhering to age-old myths about these extinct ...
Egyptian Myths of Creation - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
One result of the long, heterogeneous history of Egyptian power is great variety in the myths of ancient Egypt. Tobin ["Mytho-Theology in Ancient Egypt," by ...
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