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Film Crew Jobs - What Do the People in Movie Credits Actually Do?
You see their names listed on the credits of virtually every movie. But what do the people behind these titles actually do? Here's a glossary of key movie industry ...
Movie Industry Awards and Top 10 Lists - Awards for the Best in Film
There are plenty of awards to be handed out in the film industry besides the almighty Academy Awards. From the Indie Spirit Awards to the Golden Globes to  ...
Bollywood - an Overview of India's Movie Industry - Geography
The world's movie capital is not Hollywood but Bollywood. Bollywood is the nickname for the Indian film industry located in Bombay (now known as Mumbai,  ...
How to Get Started in a Film or Television Career - Film/TV Careers
Breaking into the entertainment industry can be notoriously difficult. So, if you want to know how to start a film or television career, be sure to review the articles  ...
Information About the Michigan Film Industry - Detroit - About.com
As industries go, a movie industry brings glitz and glammer to both Detroit and Michigan. Find out information about celebrities coming to the area to make films,  ...
Movie Industry Jobs - Detroit Michigan Movie Industry Jobs - About ...
Movie Industry Jobs - Detroit Michigan Movie Industry Jobs, including resources and websites that list positions for crew, extras and actors on a film production.
How Do I Find a Job in Michigan's Movie Industry - Detroit - About.com
Jobs in Michigan's Movie Industry - How to Find Jobs in Michigan's Movie Industry, including where to find training and resources toward obtaining a job as an ...
Starting a Career in Film and Television - Film/TV Careers - About.com
Before you can run a movie studio, produce a movie or become a major ... However, there are many more people in the industry who still make a very good  ...
Frequently Asked Questions About Michigan's Film Industry - Detroit
Michigan's Film Industry - Frequently Asked Questions About Michigan's Film Industry, including information about Michigan's Film Incentives Program.
Film / TV Careers: Make Up Artist - About.com
It is an essential part of the entertainment industry as it helps breathe life into a ... Many make up artists get their start by first working as assistants on a movie set ...
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