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Best Los Angeles Restaurant Winners 2012 Readers' Choice Awards


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Favorite Los Angeles Restaurant - 2012 Readers' Choice Awards
Lexington Social House Patio

Lexington Social House Patio

Photo courtesy of Lexington Social House
The same momentum that launched Lexington Social House into winning position for Best NEW Los Angeles Restaurant of 2011 sent them soaring to the leading spot for Favorite Los Angeles Restaurant overall. Keeping their fans voting early and often kept them well ahead of the pack with none of the other contenders coming within striking distance. Lexington social House managed to beat out the restaurants of both of our top chef contenders, even while they've had a chef shift in the last few months. Congratulations to them for topping the pool of outstanding restaurants.

Lexington Social House
1718 Vine Street
Hollywood, CA, 90028
(323) 461-1700

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