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Gondola Rides in Los Angeles and Orange County


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Gondola Adventures, Inc. - Gondola Rides in Newport Beach, CA
Gondola Adventures in Newport Beach

Gondola Adventures in Newport Beach

Courtesy of Gondola Adventures in Newport Beach
Gondola Adventures, Inc in Newport Beach
3101 West Coast Highway, Suite 110
Newport Beach, CA 92663
(949) 646-2067
1(888) 4-GONDOLA
Gondola Adventures has the most ornate gondolas around. They offer both electric and traditional rowing gondolas. The 2 rowing gondolas, one of which is a traditional wedding gondola, are imported from Venice Italy. The wedding gondola has more intricate décor than your everyday gondola. The 4 electric gondolas are carved mahogany with white canopies. Owner Greg Mohr, president of the Gondola Society of America, can often be found at the oars serenading guests. Most regular guides sing, but check to confirm if it's important to you.

Gondola Adventures has a wide variety of gondola cruises to choose from varying in length and food options, including proposal and wedding cruises. If you're thinking of proposing, check out their Message in a Bottle option for an over-the-top romantic gesture.

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