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Cozmo Deck

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The Bottom Line

This product is no longer available

Although designed for locals who eat out a lot, if you’re staying in LA for a week and plan to eat out three or more times, the Cozmo Deck is another alternative. The Cozmo Deck is 21 Cozmo Cards, each offering $15 off a $50 purchase at some of the area’s most popular establishments like celebrity-owned Geisha and Dolce Enoteca.


  • Discounts at top restaurants
  • Deck is customizeable
  • Deck of cards has photos and descriptions of restaurants
  • Is good for the full calendar year through December
  • Get 10% off with coupon code "gola"


  • You have to get the bill up to $50 before you can get the discount
  • Some of the restaurant percent-off discounts exclude alcohol.
  • Cannot be combined with other offers or used on holday or prix fixe meals


  • Deck of 21 or 52 Cozmo Restaurant Cards each worth $15 off a tab of $50 or more
  • Customizeable Deck lets you choose where you want your discounts
  • Bonus for locals - emails with discounts on special events
  • Get 10% off the price with the coupon code "gola".

Guide Review - Cozmo Deck

If you like to splurge on fine dining experiences when you travel, this could be a good deal for you. The standard Cozmo Deck includes one card each for 21 different restaurants for $30. Two meals out would recoup your investment. For $65 you can get a customized deck with 52 cards of your choosing. You can choose to have all the restaurants in one neighborhood, or get multiples of your favorite restaurants.

Get 10% off the price with the coupon code "gola".

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