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Free L.A. - The Ultimate Free Fun Guide - Book Review

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Free L.A.

Free L.A.

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The Bottom Line

Free L.A: The Ultimate Free Fun Guide to the City of Angeles is a handy little guidebook to just about every fun thing you can do for free in Los Angeles. There are a few fun free things I know about that aren't in the book, but I found lots of things in the guide that were new to me that I have every intention of checking out. It's great for visitors on a budget or locals.
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  • Tons of ideas for fun free things to do
  • Well Indexed
  • Thomas Guide references - good for people without GPS
  • Covers most of LA County


  • It includes a lot of places that are only free occasionally
  • Some things change or disappear after publication


  • Compact guidebook of free things to do in LA
  • 8.5 x 4 x 5/8 inch, 11 oz
  • Website with additional calendar listings
  • Regional sections
  • Category sections: eg. Art Spaces, Gardens, Museums, Tours, etc
  • Annual Free Events Listings
  • Thomas Guide References
  • Public Transportation References
  • Kid-Friendly and wheelchair/stroller access designations
  • Compare Prices

Guide Review - Free L.A. - The Ultimate Free Fun Guide - Book Review

Free L.A: The Ultimate Free Fun Guide to the City of Angeles is a compact guide book with 300 pages choc full of ideas for things you can do in Los Angeles for free. It lists well-known venues, like the California Science Center, Griffith Observatory and El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Site, which are always free. It also lists venues like the Museum of Contemporary Art, which costs money most of the time, but has a few free hours every week.

In addition to museums, the list includes landmarks, parks, gardens, concerts, films, festivals and much more.

If you know what you're looking for, the index is pretty good, but I kept coming across things in unexpected chapters. For example some art museums are in the geographical section and others in the Art Spaces section.

There are some real treasures in the Odds & Ends section, where you'll find things like free (donation based) yoga classes at Runyan Canyon and free archery lessons in Pasadena.

Some items are really only of interest to locals, like where to get free mulch for your garden or free gardening advice.

You can find most things on the internet if you know what you're looking for, and you'll find lots of the same information here on this site, but sometimes it's easier to leaf through a book, and you can't always get a cell phone signal to check the web on your smart phone when you're sitting up at Griffith Observatory thinking about what your next free adventure will be. Free L.A. doesn't take up much room in your day pack and will fit in most purses.

If you're a planner, I'd recommend getting the guide early in your planning stage in case you want to plan around one of the free festivals or free museum days.
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