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Goldstar Discount Tickets - Goldstar.com

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Characters on stage at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood

Characters on stage at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood

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The Bottom Line

Goldstar.com (formerly Goldstar Events) is a discount ticket broker for theatre, comedy, sports, festivals, tours, spa and other tickets in Los Angeles and several other metropolitan areas in the United States. (It is NOT affiliated with Goldstar Tickets in the UK.) In order to purchase discounted tickets, users must sign up for a free membership with a valid email address. There is a service charge for ticket purchases.

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  • Free to join
  • Discounts for a wide variety of events
  • Free tickets to some events
  • Email alerts notify you when new events become available
  • Service charge is less than most ticket vendors


  • You must pick up your tickets at least 15 minutes before the event, or they can be resold.
  • If you sign up for a lot of categories, you can get a lot of email
  • Discounts for popular events can be small (but still a discount).
  • The service charge varies for each event.


  • Free online membership
  • Access to discounted tickets
  • Discounts from 5 to 100%
  • Weekly event summary
  • Alerts when new events are added

Guide Review - Goldstar Discount Tickets - Goldstar.com

Note: The review refers only to the website Goldstar.com, which is NOT affiliated with Gold Star Tickets in the UK. More specifically, the review is based on experience with Goldstar.com in Los Angeles.

Once you sign up for a free membership at www.goldstar.com, you have access to the listings of events with discounted tickets. You can choose to have event listings and alerts emailed to you, or not.

If you're just going to be in LA for a short time, you can sign up to see what's available, then unsubscribe after your trip.

Once you purchase tickets for an event, they are usually available to pick up at "Will Call." For some events, tickets will be mailed to you. The tickets are provided directly by the venue, not by Goldstar. It states on the website that you have to claim your tickets at least 15 minutes before the event or they can release those seats to someone else. As long as you can get there with time to spare, I can't see a down side to using Goldstar in Los Angeles.

Feel free to add your own review of Goldstar.com (not the event, but the ticketing) below. If you have problems, please specify which US city you are in and what venue.

Please do NOT leave reviews for Goldstar UK!

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