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Groupon.com Review

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The Bottom Line

Groupon.com offers an interesting way to save money on food, attractions and random activities and services in the LA area by providing volume discounts for a minimum number of purchases.


  • New offer every day
  • Discounts on a variety of things
  • Significant discounts


  • If there are not enough people participating, you don't get the deal.
  • There are a lot of complaints about customer service.


  • Volume discounts on a variety of goods and services
  • Daily email offer
  • Minimum number of participants required to get the deal

Guide Review - Groupon.com Review

Groupon.com is a website that promotes one volume discount offer per day for each geographic region. The discounts are steep, but they are based on a minimum number of people accepting the offer. If the minimum is not reached by the deadline, no one gets the deal.

This means that if you purchase the deal offered by Groupon, but not enough other people participate, your credit card will not be charged and there is no deal. The minimum number to make up the group varies depending on the offer.

Deals offered by Groupon.com range from small things, like half price on ice cream or discount rides at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier, to $150 off an ocean view hotel room or $700 off laser hair removal.

Groupon is just the facilitator for the deals, which are fulfilled by the individual businesses, which can make it a challenge when something goes wrong. Be very sure that you want whatever it is you're buying before you clock as there are a number of complaints about customer service not being too responsive.

In addition to the LA deal, there are offers for Orange County and Inland LA. You can sign up for the daily deal newsletter at Groupon.com, or follow GrouponLA on Twitter.
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 1 out of 5
Groupon Disaster, Member JamieB7

I am VERY VERY disappointed in Groupon and the way they are handling my experience. I am a frequent Groupon buyer, and on Sat Jun 2nd me and my husband were out looking for somewhere to eat. So of course I pull up Groupon, while he is looking for somewhere to park. I set the phone in my lap immediately after the Groupon App was pulled up, to help my husband hunt for parking spots. After we finally decide to park in the parking garage about ten min later I pick my phone back up from my lap only to see that somehow I had purchased a laptop that was more than I had in my bank account. I immediately searched for a way to undo what my lap had accidently just done. Nowhere on the App do I see a way to Cancel or anything and the customer service shows to only be open M-F which does not help me at this moment. So it says that email support is 24/7 and I will receive an email back within 24 hours. So I send email and do not get a very helpful response only to say it's too late and that I can return after I receive it...Also stating that I could have edited my order(which is not on the app) or could have called customer service before two hours after my purchase to cancel. Although I donít know how that is possible since the funds were pending out of my account about 30 min after the mistaken purchase. Monday morning comes around and I call customer service to talk with a Matt N. He only tells me that he can do nothing for me but help me return my purchase. I ask him how it is so easy to purchase from the app since my phone was sitting in my lap, only for him to insinuate that I was a liar and made the purchase on purpose since the app confirms with you three times before it goes through... I ask about the 3 over draft charges I inquired since this purchase was done by mistake and hoping Groupon would go above and beyond for their customers only to find out that since they did not charge me the overdraft fees they cannot help with them.... When I requested to speak with a manager Matt N. tells me the only manager available is not available and can give me a call back, with no time frame as well as he told me the manager would not be able to assist me(I am still waiting on the apparent call back). Well nice to know your sensitive app, that should have a code or something required before you are allowed to purchase, can just make a purchase and mess up my life and my finances and Groupon not care to help out their loyal customers. So Bye Bye App and Groupon because if my kids had my phone and made a purchase by accidently pressing the screen I canít afford to have you around at all. Thanks for not helping out at all.

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