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Kijubi.com - Review of Kijubi.com Ticket Brokers

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The Bottom Line

Kijubi.com, is a ticket broker website that provides tickets to theme parks, tours and adventure activities. Most of the tickets are discounted from gate prices and are often less than the providers' online prices.


  • Discounted tickets
  • Diversity of activities
  • Gift certificates available
  • No membership or registration required
  • One stop shopping for So Cal adventure activities


  • There are more activities available that could be included.
  • There are sometimes local specials elsewhere that are lower priced.


  • Discount Tickets
  • Varied adventure activities
  • Theme park tickets
  • Website: www.kijubi.com

Guide Review - Kijubi.com - Review of Kijubi.com Ticket Brokers

Kijubi.com is operated out of Laguna Beach, CA. The website provides discounted tickets to theme parks, tours, and indoor and outdoor adventure activities in California, Nevada, Florida and an increasing number of international destinations. Southern California has more activities represented than other areas, but it doesn't include all the options available.

The Kijubi website includes outdoor adventures like scuba diving, surf lessons, canyoneering, backpacking and mountain biking. There are also plane, helicopter, and hot air balloon rides, fighter jet experiences and luxury car and yacht rentals.

As well as all other Southern California theme parks, Kijubi.com is authorized to sell Disneyland tickets at Disney's most discounted online rates. In addition to individual tickets, they offer theme park tickets that include transportation from LA and Orange County hotels and the Southern California CityPass, which is good for multiple theme parks.

You won't find any tickets on this site above the providers' own face value price and many are discounted.

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