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Disneyland Tips for Smokers

Smokers Guide to the Disneyland Resort


California has tough smoking restrictions and Disneyland is even tougher. Smoking is prohibited even in outdoor areas except for designated smoking areas.

Designated smoking areas:

  • New Orleans Square, outside Harbor Galley
  • Frontierland, near Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Fantasyland, on the far side of Matterhorn Bobsleds (closer to Autopia)
  • Main Entry Plaza outside both theme parks
Disney's California Adventure:
  • Hollywood Pictures Backlot, near the water tower next to Monsters Inc.
  • Golden State, near the restrooms across from Soarin' Over California
  • Paradise Pier, at the far right side of the California Screamin' track behind Mickey's Fun Wheel and the Symphony Swings, near Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta
Downtown Disney District:
Smoking is prohibited inside stores, dining areas and restrooms.

Smoke less.You might consider carrying some nicotine gum so you can spend more time with your group enjoying the rides and less time escaping to designated smoking areas.

Ashtrays are available in smoking areas and are built into the top of trash cans in Downtown Disney. Depositing cigarette butts anywhere else may invoke the wrath of park staff wandering around with brooms and dustpans.

Buying Cigarettes. Pack your smokes with you because you can't get them anywhere in the Disneyland parks and may pay more than you expect for a pack in a hotel vending machine.

Hotels. Of the three Disneyland Resort hotels, the Paradise Pier Hotel has its smoking rooms on the 13th floor, the Disneyland Hotel has smoking rooms on the second floor of one tower and the Grand Californian is completely smoke free. Many other hotels in the area are also smoke free, meaning no smoking anywhere in the hotel rooms or common areas, so be sure to check when making reservations.

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