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Tips for Eating at Disneyland


Lockers at Disneyland

Lockers at Disneyland

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You can get burgers, hot dogs, pizza and fries all over Disneyland. Fast food meals average about $10 for a sandwich, fries and a drink. For something a little more interesting for not much more money, try the Bengal Barbecue in Adventureland, Rancho del Zocalo in Frontierland or any of the Cajun/Creole establishments in New Orleans Square. The Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square is the only “fine dining” restaurant on the Disneyland side.

Eat early or late to avoid crowds. Consult the Disneyland Dining Guide for restaurants that take priority seating reservations for dinner.

Pack a lunch. You can bring a limited amount of food into the park. There are lockers (see Conveniences) on Main Street where you can stash a small soft-sided cooler with in-and-out privileges all day. There are tables and chairs conveniently located near the lockers. If you are visiting both parks in one day, you can also use the lockers located between the two parks or at California Adventure, but there are no tables near them.

Bring water. Bottled water and soft drinks are expensive in the park, so if money is an issue, bring a few small bottles per person and juice drinks for the kids and keep them in a locker.

Let kids carry their own snacks in a fanny pack.

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