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What to Wear to Disneyland

Tips on what to wear and take with you to Disneyland


Splash Mountain at Disneyland California

Splash Mountain at Disneyland California

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Wear sunscreen, even if it’s cloudy. Many mornings start out cloudy, but the clouds usually burn off by noon. If it’s summer, there is very little chance that clouds will turn to rain.

Wear a hat or sun visor and sunglasses, especially in the summer. If it’s not a hat with a string, remember to stash it with your sunglasses in the pocket provided on rollercoasters so it doesn’t fly off.

On a rainy winter day, a rain coat or poncho is helpful. An umbrella to get you from ride to ride is good too. A collapsible one is most practical for tucking into the pocket provided for accessories on wilder rides. Some outdoor rides will close, but the indoor coasters and other rides will stay open.

Wear comfortable walking shoes. This should be obvious, but some people insist on putting fashion first and they regret it after a few hours of walking around on hard pavement and standing in line.

Carry as little as possible with you. Leave as much as you can at home and leave jackets, sunscreen and water refills in a locker. A fanny pack that will hold a small bottle of water, snack bar, lip balm and any absolute necessities is a good solution, since you won’t have to take it off on rides.

Bring a sweater. If you are staying in the park after dark, be sure to bring a sweater or jacket, even in summer. You can leave them in a locker if you don’t want to carry them around all day.

Bring extra socks. On Splash Mountain at Disneyland and Grizzly River Run at CA Adventure you will get wet. The sun will dry the rest of you, but not your socks. To avoid blisters and kids with pickled feet the rest of the day, bring extra dry socks or throw the ones you have on in a plastic bag before getting on the ride.

Change of clothes. If the weather is cool, you might want to have a change of clothes in a locker so you don’t have to walk around wet after water rides.

Staying dry on water rides. On a hot day, getting a nice drenching from Splash Mountain is refreshing, but if it’s cool, or if you’re carrying a camera or video camera, you might want to take precautions to keep your equipment or yourself dry. You’ll get less wet in the very back of Splash Mountain seats or in the middle of Grizzly River Run rafts away from the openings. But you’ll still get wet.

To keep a small camera or cell phone dry, a Zip Lock bag will do the trick. For larger gear, a trash bag wrapped around a backpack strapped to your front does a pretty good job. I keep a disposable plastic rain poncho in my backpack that works to keep me and my camera gear dry, but acts like a sauna suit if it’s hot. They have these for sale next to Grizzly River Run or you can get them for $1-3 anyplace that sells camping supplies.

Motion Sickness. Bring whatever works for you. I suffer from motion sickness, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying a good roller coaster. For smaller coasters like Thunder Mountain Railroad, I find pressure point wrist bands effective. For big coasters like California Screamin’ I resort to the less-drowsy version of Dramamine. Even with the Dramamine, the virtual motion of Star Tours makes me sick. Riding on an empty stomach is generally worse for motion sickness.

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