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Space Mountain Ride Review


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Space Mountain at night

Space Mountain at night at Disneyland, California

Photo © www.KayteDeioma.com
Space Mountain is the best rollercoaster ride in Disneyland with the added thrill of racing through the simulated night sky where you can’t see the track ahead of you. The Space Mountain ride was introduced at Disneyland in 1977, two years after the original made its debut at Disney's Magic Kingdom in Florida. The ride was completely refurbished with a new, smoother track, new effects and a new soundtrack and reopened in time for the 50th anniversary celebration July 15, 2005.

Fun Factors

Duration: 3 minutes
Type of Ride: Indoor rollercoaster with sharp turns, sudden drops.
Overall Entertainment: Great fun for kids over 40” tall and adults in good health. Our group ages 6 to 50 were all ready to go again right away.
Thrill: A very exciting adventure.
Speed: Maximum speed is 32 miles per hour, but it certainly feels like you’re racing through space.
Theme: The ride begins in Space Station 77, where a large space ship is suspended above the waiting area. You board a rocket that seats six people, two per row. A space-age soundtrack accompanies your journey through the star-studded sky.
Effects: They do a great job of putting you in outer space racing through the cosmos. Spinning orange lights at the beginning of the ride give the impression the rocket is spinning as it is pulled up by a tractor beam. I have to close my eyes for that part.

Fear Factors

Space Mountain Photo

Space Mountain Photo, Disneyland, California

Photo © www.KayteDeioma.com
Scare Factor: Might be an issue for anyone afraid of the dark, but our seven and nine year olds loved it.
Overall Motion Sickness Risk: Moderate to High. Take precautions. I wore motion sickness wrist bands and had no problem right after lunch, although I admit that I closed my eyes when the lights were spinning. We rode again later, after the Star Tours and before dinner and we all got queasy. I think a lot of it was residual from Star Tours.
Spin Factor: no real spinning, but the spinning lights at the beginning can be an issue if you’re sensitive to such things.
Curve Factor: moderate curves, but no hairpin bends
Height Factor: not really, since you can’t see how high up you are. The steepest drop is 15 feet.


Height Restrictions: Minimum height 40”/102 cm
Health Restrictions: People with high blood pressure, heart, back and neck problems and expectant mothers should NOT ride this ride.
Accessibility: Wheelchair access through the exit. You have to transfer out of a wheelchair to ride this ride.
Audio-visual aids available: Closed Captioning Activators available at City Hall

Tips and Tricks

Single Rider Line: NO
Ride Hours: same as the park
When to Ride: Get a Fast Pass. Otherwise, ride first thing, or late at night.
Guide Tips: Although all the seats have speakers, the ones in the middle of the rocket seem to be ear-shatteringly loud. If you are sensitive to loud noise, wear earplugs or sit in the back, or both. Be sure to put away glasses, hats and anything else that might fall off.
User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Space Mountain, Member Julieann_bass

Space mountain is the best rollercoaster at disneyland. It's so fun because you don't see what going to happen next but you see a bunch of stars. I went on it 3 or four times in a row.

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