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Disneyland Rides and Attractions on Main Street
Main Street at Disneyland, CA

Main Street at Disneyland, CA

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Main Street USA is modeled after a small Midwestern town at the turn of the last century. Look for real antiques among the Victorian facades and listen for sounds coming from the upstairs windows as you explore the alleyways.

Rides and Attractions

Disneyland Railroad is a pleasant way to get from one part of the park to another. It's not just transportation though.The train passes through a variety of exhibits including dinosaurs and other creatures that can only be seen from the train.
Main Street Vehicles are authentic historic modes of transport that will take you one way down Main Street from Town Square to Sleeping Beauty Castle or reverse from park opening until just before the first parade. If you want to ride a specific vehicle, you might have to wait your turn, but they come and go pretty quickly an most people don't wait around for them, so there's not usually much of a line.
  • A Fire Engine that you can ride
  • Horse-Drawn Streetcars with lots of seats
  • Horseless Carriage old time cars don't seat as many people, so you might have to wait a little longer for this one.
  • Omnibus double-decker bus
Main Street Cinema
Disneyland Parade down Main Street
The Fireworks Display is best seen from in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle and all the way down Main Street.


Snacks/Fast Food; Up to $15
Refreshment Corner, hosted by Coca-Cola - hot dogs, chili
Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor, hosted by Dreyer's
Casual Dining $15 - $30
Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe
Market House, healthy American, vegetarian
Casual Dining $15 - $30
Carnation Cafe
, reservations accepted
Plaza Inn, buffet, family style, character dining


Candy Palace and Candy Kitchen - candy apples, fudge, taffy and old time candy
Crystal Arts - crystal, blown glass
China Closet
Disneyana- Disney art, cels, limited edition lithographs, memorabilia, books
Disney Clothiers, Ltd.
Disney Showcase- Disney pins, decorative items, anniversary and resort apparel
Emporium- old time general store has best selection of everything
The Mad Hatter
Market House- candy, gourmet foods
Main Street Magic Shop
Main Street Photo Supply Co.
New Century Jewelry
Penny Arcade
Silhouette Studio- individual or group portrait cutouts
20th Century Music Company - Disney CDs and DVDs

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