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Fiesta Broadway Cinco de Mayo Street Fair Los Angeles


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Fiesta Broadway Cinco de Mayo Street Fair Los Angeles
Fiesta Broadway

Fiesta Broadway

Courtesy of Fiesta Broadway

Fiesta Broadway is the largest Cinco de Mayo celebration in the world. Up to half a million people come out for this annual street party. It used to cover 24 square blocks of Downtown Los Angeles all down Broadway, but in recent years has been routed to include the new Grand Park at the north end. The event now runs along Broadway from 4th Street at the south end to  the three-block-long Grand Park, which spreads left and right between First and Temple. There is lots of food, fun and games for the whole family. Although ostensibly celebrating the Fifth of May, the event usually takes place the last Sunday of April.

When: April 26, 2015
Where: Broadway, from 4th Street to Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles
Cost: Free
Parking: There are pay parking lots and structures outside the street closure area, but don't even try; take the Metro.
Metro: Red Line to Civic Center or Pershing Square.
Info: www.fiestabroadway.la

Fiesta Broadway Map with Streets Closed

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