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Public Transportation Companies that Serve LA

Los Angeles Area Public Transit


Metro Blue Line Train at the 7th Street

Metro Blue Line Train at the 7th Street Station in Los Angeles, CA

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There is not one public transit company that serves all of Los Angeles; there are dozens. Trains may be Metro, MetroLink or Amtrak, depending on how far you're going. Buses from every smaller city and neighboring county all have buses that bring their residents into Los Angeles. Stand on a corner in Downtown LA and you will see buses from 10 companies stop at the same corner within a 15 minute time frame. Here are the bus and train services that can get you from where you are to where you want to be in the LA area. Many of these have now been incorporated into Google Maps or Bing Maps, but they don't always give you the most logical route, so sometimes calling the service number for the specific company where you are departing will get you a more efficient route.

Amtrak intercity and interstate train service.

Antelope Valley Transit Authority

Burbank Local Transit

Carson Circuit

Commerce (City of )

Culver Citybus

El Monte Transit Services

Foothill Transit serves the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys.

Glendale Bee Line

Golden Empire Transit in the Bakersfield area.

Long Beach Transit

LADOT - City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation.

LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro)
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Metrolink Trains

Montebello Bus Lines

Norwalk Transit

Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA)

Santa Clarita Transit

Santa Monica Big Blue Bus

Torrance Transit

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