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Riding the Metro in Los Angeles


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LA Metro Rates
A Metro Rapid bus in South Central Los Angeles

A Metro Rapid bus in South Central Los Angeles

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Metro Rates as of 9/1/12

Metro is transitioning from tickets to TAP cards. Once the transition is complete, paper tickets will no longer be available and all fares must be loaded onto plastic TAP cards and tapped on the TAP box at each station to validate. The re-usable TAP card costs $1 in machines or on buses, or $2 from vendors, in addition to whatever fares are loaded onto it. The card must be tapped for each train or bus that you board along your route (which can be annoying when you're rushing to catch a train connection).

Single Base Fare: $1.50, good for one ride on one train or bus. If you need to transfer, you need to buy a fare at your point of origin for each transfer. So if you plan to transfer from the Blue Line to the Red Line to the Gold Line, you need to buy three tickets/fares. If your route involves a lot of transfers, a day pass may be a better deal. Senior/disabled/Medicare peak fare(5-9 am and 3-7 pm) $0.55 (62+), off peak fare (65+) $0.25.

Day Pass: $5.00, good for all day travel on all Metro trains and buses until the last train or bus of the day. You'll save money if you're traveling four or more train and bus segments in a day. Seniors (65+) $1.80.

Weekly Pass: $20. You save money if you'll be traveling 13 or more train and bus segments in a week.

Metro to Muni supplement: $0.35 to transfer from the Metro to a non-Metro bus system. $0.10 for seniors/disabled/Medicare. Metro buses require an additional Metro base fare.

Zone Charges: Freeway Express buses add additional zone charges based on distance. Zone charges are an additional $0.70 per base fare, per zone. Pass holders without a Zone Stamp (extra when you buy the pass), can pay the zone charges in cash.

The Metro Silver Line buses that run primarily on freeways from the Southbay and San Gabriel Valley to Downtown LA landmarks require a supplemental fee.

Monthly Pass: $75 Adults, $24 K-12th grade, $36 college student, $14 senior/disabled/Medicare.

EZ Transit Monthly Passes(includes 14 local transit systems): Adults $84, senior/disabled/Medicare $35 plus $9.50 for express zones .

Children and students only receive discounts on monthly passes.

The fine, if you are caught riding without a ticket is up to $250 plus 48 hours community service.

Visit www.metro.net for more information.

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