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Go Los Angeles Card Itineraries


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Optimizing the Go Los Angeles Card
Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood Walk of Fame

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In order to evaluate whether the Go Los Angeles Card is a good deal, I put together some sample itineraries of things you could reasonably accomplish in the time allowed. Individuals and families may want more or less time at a particular activity. I wrote from my perspective, as a person who doesn't read a lot of the content at museums, doesn't need a long time to eat lunch, but like to rest my feet occasionally, but not be sedentary all day. I also took into consideration the proximity of activities and whether it makes sense to do them on the same day. On the following pages, I present some general and themed itineraries for the 3, 5 and 7 day Go Los Angeles Cards. You could also pick any single day of activities to do with a 1 day card, or pick 2 days to use with a 2-day card. Attractions have changed since the first time I did this, and it was more of a challenge this time around to puzzle together practical itineraries.

There are a few activities I throw in just because they are easy to do and worth a stop since they're free with the card, but that I might not recommend as much if you have to pay full price.

There are many other worthy activities included with the Go Los Angeles Card, but I chose the ones which would maximize savings, while allowing you enough time to enjoy the attractions. With the 7-day cards, for example, you may already have made the purchase price back by day 5, and may choose to spend a card day on a $10 museum, rather than worrying about milking it to the max.

Since the multi-day cards do not have to be used on consecutive days. It makes sense to plan days at the beach, by the pool, or doing free or inexpensive activities, or other activities that are not included in the card (like Disneyland) on days in between your card use days so you don't burn out.

The 3, 5 and 7 Day Go Los Angeles Cards go on sale pretty regularly for a few days a month for 10% off, and once or twice a year, you may see a sale for 15% off.

Note: The prices I am using are the full prices on the day I am writing this, but they are changing constantly, both increasing and going on sale, so just take them as an estimate. The overall savings with the card remain pretty consistent.

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