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Hollywood, AKA Tinseltown, has gone through an evolution from the glamorous birthplace of the movie industry, through a seedy period the final quarter of the last century into a renaissance of renewed glamour in the new millennium. Hollywood is once again a thriving center of tourism and entertainment, although in the last couple years, the local police have given up trying to keep the homeless off Hollywood Blvd, so they keep a strong presence to keep the panhandling under control.

Take this virtual photo tour of Hollywood landmarks from the Hollywood La Brea Gateway east on Hollywood Boulevard to Gower (with a couple north and south detours), then West on Sunset to the Hollywood Athletic Club with a side trip to Paramount Studios on Melrose at the end.
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Gateway to Hollywood SculptureGateway to Hollywood The Galaxy Building in Hollywood Before and AfterHollywood Galaxy Building Before and AfterHollywood Entertainment MuseumHollywood Entertainment MuseumHollywood Roosevelt HotelHollywood Roosevelt Hotel
Hollywood Roosevelt HotelHollywood Roosevelt HotelTV Guide Building in HollywoodTV Guide Building in HollywoodDisney Entertainment CenterDisney Entertainment CenterEl Capitan Theatre in HollywoodEl Capitan Theatre
Disney Soda Fountain and Studio StoreDisney Soda Fountain and Studio StoreGrauman's Chinese TheatreTCL Chinese Theatre in HollywoodCostumed Characters in front of Grauman's Chinese TheatreGrauman's Chinese TheatreDolby Theatre in HollywoodDolby Theatre in Hollywood
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