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Gateway to Hollywood

The Four Ladies Statue at the Hollywood La Brea Gateway


The Gateway to Hollywood is at the southeast corner of Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea in Hollywood.
Gateway to Hollywood Sculpture

Gateway to Hollywood Sculpture

Photo © 2004 Kayte Deioma, courtesy of www.KayteDeioma.com
The Gateway to Hollywood sculpture, officially called the Hollywood La Brea Gateway, is the stainless steel gazebo on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea. It is more commonly known around LA as the Four Ladies Statue. Created by production designer ("Vanilla Sky," "Laurel Canyon," "Tombstone, "Three Kings") and director ("Thirteen," "Lords of Dogtown") Catherine Hardwicke in 1993, the sculpture is a tribute to the multi-ethnic women of Hollywood. The four life-size silver ladies supporting the structure represent Mae West, Dorothy Dandridge, Anna Mae Wong and Dolores Del Rio.
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