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Driving in Los Angeles


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Los Angeles Freeway Names and Numbers
Los Angeles Freeways

Traffic jam on the 5 freeway splitting to the 710 freeway

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In case you do listen to a radio or TV traffic report for Greater Los Angeles and Orange County, these are the names you'll hear for the numbered freeways.

US1 = Pacific Coast Highway is NOT a freeway. It is a surface street with traffic signals all the way through LA and Orange Counties. It is also NOT along the coast from Santa Monica down to Seal Beach in Orange County. However, traffic reports often mention problems on Pacific Coast Highway in north LA County and in Orange County.
SR 2 = Glendale Freeway from Silverlake north to the 134.
I 5 = Santa Ana Freeway from East LA south, Golden State Freeway from East LA north.
I 10 = The Santa Monica Freeway west of downtown, San Bernardino Freeway east of downtown.
SR 14 = The Antelope Valley Freeway from the 5 north of Sylmar, inland to Palmdale and Lancaster.
SR 22 = Garden Grove Freeway from Long Beach to Orange.
SR 23 = The Moorpark Freeway from Thousand Oaks north to Moorpark, where it merges with the 118 to the east.
SR 47 = Terminal Island Freeway/Vincent Thomas Bridge through the LA/Long Beach harbors.
SR 55 = Costa Mesa Freeway, Costa Mesa to Anaheim.
SR 57 = Orange Freeway from Orange north to Glendora.
SR 60 = Pomona Freeway from East LA east to Riverside.
SR 73 = Corona del Mar Freeway/San Juaquin Hills Transportation Corridor is a toll road from the 405 to the 5 in south Orange County to bypass congestion at the intersection of the 405 and 5.
SR 90 = Marina del Rey Freeway is a short link from the 405 into Marina del Rey. There is another chunk of freeway in Orange County also called the 90 from Brea near the 57 to just beyond the 91 in Anaheim Hills.
SR 91 = The Gardena Freeway from the 110 east to Artesia; The Artesia Freeway east to the 5; The Riverside Freeway from the 5 to Riverside.
US 101 = The Ventura Freeway north of Burbank, the Hollywood Freeway south of Burbank to East LA where it merges with the 5.
I 105 = The Century Freeway or Glenn Anderson Freeway from LAX in El Segundo, just west of the 405, east to the 605 in Norwalk.
I 110/SR 110 = The Harbor Freeway from the LA Harbor in San Pedro to the 10 in Downtown LA, then the Pasadena Freeway into Pasadena.
SR 118 = The Simi Valley Freeway or Ronald Reagan Freeway from Moorpark east to San Fernando.
SR 133 = Laguna Freeway from the 405 to the 5, Eastern Transportation Corridor toll road from the 5 to the 241.
SR 134 = Ventura Freeway from Pasadena west to North Hollywood, where it merges with the 101 and 170
SR 170 = Hollywood Freeway from the 101 north to the 5.
I 210/SR 210 = The Foothill Freeway from the 5 near San Fernando west to the 10 in Redlands.
I 405 = The San Diego Freeway branches off from the 5 north of LA in San Fernando and travels through west LA County and south Orange County to re-connect with the 5 at the "El Toro Y" in Irvine.
I 605 = San Gabriel River Freeway from the 405/22 in Seal Beach north to the 210 in Duarte
I 710 = The Long Beach Freeway (never completed; signs show Pasadena as north terminus, but the 710 does NOT go to Pasadena, but ends in Alhambra, just below South Pasadena )

Here are some Freeway Interchanges that you might hear mentioned in traffic reports:

The Four Level Interchange (Bill Keene Memorial Interchange) refers to the intersection of the 110 and 101 Freeways in Downtown LA.
The East LA Interchange is the junction of the 5, 10, 101 and 60 freeways just southeast of Downtown LA.
The Hollywood Split is where the 101,134 and 170 intersect and trade names in North Hollywood.
The Kellogg Interchange is the juncture of the 10, 57 and 71 freeways at the border of Pomona and San Dimas.
The Newhall Pass is where the Antelope Valley Freeway (14) splits off from the 5 north of Sylmar.
Orange Crush Interchange is the junction of the 5, 22 and 57 freeways in Orange County.
El Toro Y is where the 405 rejoins the 5 in Irvine in south Orange County.
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