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Los Angeles Trip Planner


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What to Pack for Your Los Angeles Vacation
Taking a break at The Grove

Shoppers taking a break by the Dancing Fountain at The Grove in Los Angeles

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If you love to shop, just bring your wallet. We have everything you need. Of course, if you decide to do that, check out my LA Shopping Guide, and then I want to hear all about what you bought!

For everyone else:

Take a look at my Overview of Los Angeles Weather to get an idea how weather works in Los Angeles. It's probably a little different from what you expect. It depends somewhat on what time of year you are visiting, but only slightly. Any time of year you will want to dress in layers. Even in mid-summer, you'll want a jacket.

Then check the 15 day forecast on Accuweather.com before you start packing to see just what kind of whether we have in store for your visit.

Everyday Clothes
Like most places, there are fashion cliques in Los Angeles. There are fashionista clubbers and grunge skateboarders, surfer dudes and goth vampires. But for the most part, shorts, jeans, capris and casual skirts with cute tops or T-shirts for women and jeans, khakis or board shorts with T-shirts or casual button shirts for guys go just about anywhere. Tennis shoes and flip flops go most places. Casual attire is acceptable at most fine dining restaurants and theatre performances, but you might want to dress up anyway for a special night out, so that's up to you. Unless you only own wool suits, you will fit in just fine wearing whatever you would wear during summer to fall at home.

Clothes to Go Clubbing
Most high end nightclubs do have some kind of dress code. Some of them are going for a very "hot" look for both male and female clubbers, but it's totally up to the doorman/woman, and you'll see plenty of guys in "dress jeans" with girls in 6 inch stilettos and as little other covering as they can get away with. Other clubs just ban tennis shoes and baseball caps and require collar shirts on guys to keep people from showing up in "gang" attire. I've definitely seen guys get turned away for wearing tennis shoes, even when otherwise well-dressed.

What Else to Bring
Swimsuits and cover-ups
Jacket, sweater or sweatshirt, even in summer
Large zip-lock bags for wet swimsuits

Technology Check List
Cell phone, preferably a smart phone with GPS mapping
GPS unit if you don't have a smart phone with maps
Camera with plenty of memory cards
Chargers for all your technology
Extra batteries

I put this list together as a gift list for LA travelers, but it's just as appropriate for things to bring yourself.

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