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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Los Angeles in the Spring

Visiting Los Angeles in the Spring


Every season has it's own special attraction in Los Angeles, but Spring seems to put a little extra shine on the city with clear crisp blue sky days. Here are 10 things that make Spring a great time to visit LA.

Clear Skies

Alamitos Beach in Long Beach
Photo © 2003 Kayte Deioma, courtesy of www.KayteDeioma.com
Los Angeles is at its most photogenic in the winter and spring when the occasional rainy day will clear the skies so you can see from the beaches to the snow-capped mountains.

Pleasant Weather

In an LA spring, you might run into a few rainy days or a cold snap, but you could equally well find temperatures in the 80's. Average high temperatures are in the low 70s, which is much more pleasant than the 90-100 degree inland temperatures in the summer.

Less Crowded

People waiting outside Basque
Photo © 2006 Kayte Deioma, courtesy of www.KayteDeioma.com
You can avoid the long lines at attractions like Disneyland and Universal Studios. It's also easier to get a reservation at top restaurants and get into hot nightclubs.

Less Expensive

Discounted flights are often available. Off-season rates for hotel rooms offer a significant savings over summer rates. Theme parks offer two-for-one specials and other discounts.

The LA Marathon

LA Marathon
Photo courtesy of MarathonFoto
While technically before the first day of spring, our spring starts early, and the LA Marathon at the beginning of March is sort of the kick-off, bringing tens of thousands of people racing through the streets of Los Angeles.

Irish Fair and Music Festival

McCartan School of Irish Dance performs at the LA County Irish Fair
Photo © 2007 Kayte Deioma, used with permission
If you're going to be celebrating the Irish in the month of March, there are plenty of Irish Pubs to hit for St. Paddy's Day, but for a real cultural showcase, plan a visit to the Irish Fair and Music Festival at the LA County Fairgrounds, where you'll also find a gathering of Irish and Scottish clans. Spring ends with the Great American Irish Fair in Irvine in June.

The Long Beach Grand Prix

Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach
Photo by Matt Copping, courtesy of Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach
A couple hundred thousand people descend on Long Beach to watch champ cars chase each other around Shoreline Drive at this granddaddy of all beach parties, the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire

Renaissance Faire Queen Elizabeth I
Photo © 2006 Kayte Deioma, courtesy of www.KayteDeioma.com
Hundreds of actors and musicians set the stage for one of the largest Renaissance Faires in the country, which runs for six weekends from mid-April through May.

Baseball Season

Opening days for the Dodgers and Angels are in April, with special events for the whole family.

Festival Season Begins

Long Beach Pride Festival
Photo © 2004 Kayte Deioma, courtesy of www.KayteDeioma.com
There are festivals going on in LA all year long, but beginning in late April, you can find great music, food and dance events every weekend through the summer. In April and May you can celebrate Israeli Independence Day, Cinco de Mayo, Cuban music and culture, an American Indian Pow Wow, a Banjo and Fiddle Fest, the NoHo Theatre and Arts Festival, Carnevale! in Venice Beach, the Strawberry Festival in Garden Grove and the Long Beach Pride Celebration, to name a few.
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