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How to Submit an Event for Coverage on About Los Angeles Travel

Is Your Event Suitable for Los Angeles Travel?


You are on the Los Angeles Travel site on About.com. Unlike Shana Ting Lipton's site Los Angeles on About.com, which is geared toward LA locals, Los Angeles Travel is designed for visitors to LA, so events submitted to me should appeal to tourists already planning a trip to Los Angeles, or be of great enough interest that people are likely to travel to LA to participate.

There is NO public calendar on this site for you to post an event. All events are vetted by me. Events are not the only thing I cover on Los Angeles Travel, so all event coverage is subject to the limited time and space available and my personal whims. (For a more general LA events calendar, visit experiencela.com.)

Events are covered on six different parts of Los Angeles Travel
  1. The Calendar of Annual LA Events, which includes the name of the event in the appropriate month with a link to the event's own website or any other coverage I have of the event
  2. The Blog, where individual events, or groups of related events are highlighted in a blog post
  3. Articles, where annual events may be covered in greater detail (eg. LA County Fair)
  4. Photo Galleries of events I have attended, or for which I've acquired an interesting selection of photos (less common)
  5. Holiday Event Listings, where I feature a round-up of related events for specific holidays
  6. Other Themed Events Listings such as Film Festivals, Music Festivals, Summer Theatre Festivals. See below for complete list.
Event Submission Criteria
I am more likely to cover your event if:
  1. It has tourist appeal or draws a large number of people to LA
  2. It is an annual event
  3. You have a dedicated event web address that does not change every year
  4. Your event information is updated on your website at least two months (preferably three) in advance
  5. You send out "save the date" info as soon as you have it, and event details as early as possible
  6. You send complete press information so I don't have to contact you for missing details (what, when, where, cost, parking, metro, info link, photo). If I covered you before, highlighting specific changes from last year is helpful to be sure I catch them.
  7. You send a photo with the press release. When I'm blogging late at night, and have two equally appealing events to choose from, the event that gets highlighted is the one that sent a photo.
Seasonal Event Listings do not have to be annual, but annual events will have priority. If it is a one-time-only event, it is even more important to submit holiday events two months early to be included. Current holiday lists include: Other ANNUAL Event Lists Theatre and Performing Arts
As much as I love Los Angeles theatre and performing arts, I cover very few individual productions that run less than three months. It is very rare for anything to run longer than three months in LA, but if you have something scheduled for three months or more, send it over. I do periodically write a round-up of stage productions featuring recognizable TV and movie actors.

Art Exhibits
I do not cover individual gallery exhibits. I maintain a list of Art Walks and Studio Tours. Please let me know if you have updated info for that list.

Where and What to Submit
If, based on the above criteria, you think your event is a good fit for Los Angeles Travel, send your press release or event details, preferably with photo, to golosangeles@aboutguide.com. If you are targeting a specific event list (Valentine's Day, Music Festivals, etc.) please specify which list.
What: event title and description
When: Day, Date, Hours
Where: Venue, address, zip
Cost: admission price, any discounts
Parking: location and cost
Metro: line and stop, if applicable
Age Limit: if applicable
Info: website link (required) and phone number, if applicable

Twitter-Ready If I don't have time to cover your event on the website, I may Tweet it via Twitter if you make it easy for me. Including a pre-formatted 120 character (room to re-tweet) message about your event with a link to online details makes it easy for me to copy and paste. Include the event/venue Twitter address if there is one. You may also get my attention directly via Twitter by "mentioning" @LATravelWriter in a tweet that I can then re-tweet.

Even though the guidelines above will greatly improve the chance of me covering your event, there is no guarantee that your event will be covered, even if you meet every criteria. I also reserve the right to cover events that don't meet any of these criteria at all at my sole discretion.

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