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Christmas Boat Parades in Los Angeles and Orange Counties


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Naples Christmas Boat Parade - Long Beach
Naples Christmas Boat Parade

Naples Christmas Boat Parade, Long Beach

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Naples Christmas Boat Parade - Long Beach
When: Saturday, December 21, 2013. Large boats start at 6:00 pm along the Peninsula. Small boats start at 6:45 pm from the Appian Way Bridge. Large and small boats will be traveling in opposite directions.
Viewing Locations:
From the bridges and along the canals around Naples Island you see the small boat parade.
From the 2nd Street Bridge, Appian Way Bridge and along Alamitos Bay Marina you can also see the larger vessels that don't fit in the canals.
Parking: marine lots east of Davis Bridge, metered parking at Mothers' Beach lot off Appian Way, Marine Stadium, and 54th & Bayshore. Surrounding streets close at 5 pm.
Note: The houses around Naples Island put on one of the best displays of Christmas and Hanukkah lights in Southern California. Plan to get there plenty early to stroll around the island before the parade.
Info: www.naplesca.com
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