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LA Marathon Guide 2014


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LA Marathon Route Map with Metro Stops
LA Marathon Map 2014

LA Marathon Map 2014

LA Marathon Map 2014
The 2014 LA Marathon will follow the same Stadium to the Sea route as in 2013. The LA Marathon route passes dozens of Los Angeles landmarks from Dodger Stadium through Chinatown, Little Tokyo and historic Downtown, then through Hollywood, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, ending at the beach in Santa Monica.

There are points in Downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood where you can take the Metro to spectator areas along the LA Marathon Route, as shown on the map above. For more details on Metro stops, spectator areas and attractions along the LA Marathon Route, click the link below.

Click here for the 2014 LA Marathon route overlaid on a Google map with Metro stations and mile by mile spectator entertainment venues.

YouTube Video of the Los Angeles Marathon Stadium to the Sea Course Route

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LA Marathon Course Map with Metro Stations and Entertainment

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