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Long Beach Marathon


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Spectators and Family Members
Gregg Young at Long Beach Marathon

Gregg Young and the 2nd Street Band entertain runners and spectators along Rainbow Harbor during the Long Beach Marathon

Photo by Thomas McConville of the Long Beach Business Journal
You can watch participants start, finish and cross the 6 mile mark all near the finish Line Festival area at Marina Green. You can also watch runners along the beach path (miles 7-10), then climb the stairs to watch them return along Ocean Blvd (miles 24-26). 6,000 students are expected to cheer runners through California State University Long Beach.

One of the nice things about the Long Beach Marathon is that spectators can have a view of the finish line. Based on how long your runner/walker usually takes, plan to be there early to cheer them across the line. Be sure to plan a meeting spot away from the finish line to find your participant after the event.

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