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Rose Parade - Tips and Frequently Asked Questions


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Which are the best grandstand seats?
Seats at the beginning of the parade along Orange Grove and around the corner onto Colorado have an unobstructed view and there is no curbside viewing in front of the grandstands. These are the most expensive seats, and you have to be there the earliest.

The cheapest seats are the $40 seats midway along Colorado Blvd. The view in this area may be partially obstructed by poles, trees or the corner of a building, so they are not great seats for photography, but you can see everything. Most of the other grandstand areas have a clear view. All the grandstands are built up so that the lowest seats are 5 feet off the ground, so people seated at the bottom should be able to see over curbside viewers. It's just a matter of choice whether you prefer to be higher up and farther back or lower and closer.

Look for seats on the South side of the street (most of them are) so you won't have the sun in your eyes the whole time.

GUIDE TIP: The best seating bargain is the section of grandstand seats near Pasadena City College. The seats are $50 for an unobstructed view. Many band families sit here so it is a very lively section and there is s good chance the bands will perform as they go by the grandstands.

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