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LA Events to Change Your Life

Personal and Professional Development Events Worth Traveling to Los Angeles


I have a long track record of deciding I want to make something happen in my life, and succeeding in getting what I ask for, only to realize it wasn't what I really wanted. In the last couple years I've put a lot of time and effort into breaking dysfunctional habits, getting to know myself and what makes me happy, and learning how to make better requests to the universe so that I'm really happy with what turns up in my life. I've done this with the help of many great teachers, both live and in person here in LA, and virtually online.

Whether you're searching for your purpose in life, have a dream that you've been struggling to get off the ground, have reached a low point and are looking for a new way to look at life, or have an awesome life that you're ready to launch in a new direction, there is likely to be a personal or professional development event taking place in LA that will transform your life. You can get a lot of great resources online, but nothing beats several days of concentrated focus with the supportive energy or like-minded individuals. I've attended a number of these events over the last couple years and have had some miraculous transformations in my life, so I thought I'd share the events that have had the most impact.

Some of these events are part of the "human potential movement," designed to help shape you into the best you that you can be. Others have a more specific goal, like helping you find the right platform to get your product or message to the world and make a living from it. Many of them as part of their focus, include helping people have a better relationship with money.

Most of the people holding these events and speaking at them, have a bunch of other products to sell you, but I've selected events that can stand alone to transform your life or your business without buying any of the other wonderful products they will tempt you with.

If you're coming from some distance you might want to combine the personal development with some other Things to Do in LA, but I usually find that I can't wait to dive in to whatever project I'm working on after one of these events.

1. The Wealthy Visionary Conference

The Wealthy Visionary Conference is hosted by Marcia Wieder of Dream University. It's 45 hours of amazing content crammed into 4 days. Of all the events I have attended, this one has had the biggest impact on me. Marcia's no-holds-barred style rubs some people the wrong way, but she really cuts to the heart of the matter and puts together the most concretely beneficial line-up of teachers, so that you can walk in with no idea what to do next in your life, and walk out with a divinely inspired mission and a business plan to make it happen. The speakers all provided really solid content, as well as gifts of their books, and some free tickets to other related events in various parts of the country. Attendees ranged from successful millionaires looking for their next inspiration to unemployed people looking for an idea of how to change their fortunes.

If you can't make it to the next Wealthy Visionary Conference, you can still get some free gifts from Dream University including a mini-video series of highlights from the last conference, 3 eBooks for Dreamers and the 21st Century Visionary Kit.

2. Mary Morrissey's Dream Builder Live

Mary Morrissey was one of the most inspirational, heart-centered speakers I saw at the Wealthy Visionary Conference above, so I decided to go to her 3-day Dream Builder LIVE training in LA. Mary is a gentle soul, who approaches making your dreams come true from a different angle. If you're afraid you might be called on your sh*t at the Wealthy Visionary Conference, Mary will give your dreams a more kid-gloves handling, while still giving you some powerful tools to turn your dreams into reality.

If you want to learn more about Mary Morrissey before deciding, you can check out her free 90 Minute Webinar, Dream Builder Toolkit, 5 Universal Laws Video Series, or sign up for her My Morning Mentor daily email inspirations.

3. Author 101 University

Rick Frishman of Morgan James Publishing is convinced that everyone has a story or skill that would make a good book, and he's put together the inspirational Author 101 University 4-day seminar to show you just how your life story, gardening tips, tax wisdom or recipes can be turned into a book. Content covers what makes an idea book-worthy, types of publishing, agent panels, marketing, publicity, pitch opportunities and much. It's inspirational just hearing about all the amazing projects other attendees are working on. This conference comes with a money-back guarantee, which is pretty cool too.

4. Mondays with Marianne Williamson

Although it's not a big event worth traveling for like the ones mentioned above, if you're in town on a Monday night, you might find Marianne Williamson conducting one of her Mondays with Marianne talks, based on A Course in Miracles, at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills. She travels a lot, so they're not every Monday, but check the schedule to see if there's one during your visit.

5. Conscious Life Expo

The biannual Conscious Life Expo in February and October is not a well-crafted educational and/or transformational curriculum like the first three events on this list. It's more of an expo, with a hodgepodge of speakers and seminars covering everything from healthy eating to calling in your soulmate to communicating with aliens. You pretty much have to decide on your own who is credible and who is not. There are many simultaneous offerings, so even if you're there for the full event, you can only see a fraction of what's going on. You might not come out of the event transformed, but it is a good place to get your feet wet and hear a taste of a bunch of different well-established and emerging teachers to see who you might like to hear more from.

6. More Online Resources

In addition to these live events in Los Angeles, there are many events of this nature around the country to help you live an extraordinary life, and some programs entirely online. I have come a bit addicted to the very affordable online programs provided by Kristen Howe. She has offerings at many different price points with varying levels of self study and live online coaching. Go Big Now is an ongoing monthly coaching program. S.O.S. Strategies of Success and Secrets of the Masters are both self-study programs that you can download and do at your own pace for under $50. They all come with great freebies and money back guarantees, but I kind of feel guilty that I've paid so little for information that has done so much to improve my life and income. Kristen also has a free interview program at www.manifesteverythingnow.com.

Another great online resource is Jennifer McLean's Healing with the Masters, a free interview program with leaders in all kinds of alternative healing modalities addressing a variety of mental, spiritual and physical and metaphysical issues. A lot of healing work is done right in the interviews. There are products you can pay for, including access to the archived interviews, but there's such a constant flow of great free content that it's hard to keep up. After a few years of listening, I became a paying member of the site just to show my gratitude for the breakthroughs I've had during some of the interviews. Jennifer is based in Orange County and sometimes does live events there, but they are more casual than the events listed above.

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