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Southern California Hiking

Southern California hiking trails in and around Los Angeles, Orange County and San Bernardino County. Great places to walk in L.A.

Hiking trails in Los Angeles


Outings brought to you by... Angeles Chapter Sierra Club
Hikes with the Sierra Club

Modern Hiker
A blog dedicated to hiking in Los Angeles and Southern California.

The Best Autumn Hiking Spots In Los Angeles from LA.com
Although they don't tell you where to find the fall foliage (which is more likely along city streets), this is a nice list of popular hiking areas in Los Angeles.

Hikes and trails near -Riverside-Orange County, California
LocalHikes - Hikes and trails near Los Angeles-Riverside-Orange County, California

Malibu's Charmlee Wilderness Park: An Easy Stroll with Ocean Views
Description of hiking in Charmlee Wilderness Park in Malibu from LAist.com.

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