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Los Angeles Hostels

Guide to Los Angeles Hostels


USA Hostel Hollywood

USA Hostel Hollywood

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Hostels offer an inexpensive lodging option in Los Angeles, especially for international travelers and students on a budget. Hostel accommodations are very hit or miss, especially because they are often staffed by international travelers who only stay for a month or so. If you’re lucky you find a clean bed and friendly staff, if not, you find bed bugs and eccentric owners or rude employees. This can all be at the same establishment from month to month.

Hostel Check In Criteria

Some hostels require membership. Many require a foreign passport, or an out-of-state driver’s license and current student ID, at least for dorm rooms. This is a good thing, as it decreases the chances of finding the local homeless population in residence using hotel vouchers. Most hostels also have private rooms available.

If you are looking for spotless rooms or a quiet night’s sleep, hostels may not be for you. If it’s all your budget can handle, pack your earplugs, keep a strict watch on your stuff and bring a good attitude and an interest in making friends with other travelers.

Click through each title on the following pages to the hostel profiles for features and check-in criteria.

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Hollywood Area Hostels

Hostels in LA Beach Cities
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