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Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

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Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Pool

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel from the Pool

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The Bottom Line

More changes have been made to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Policies have improved in favor of hotel guests. Friendly staff in the lobby helping guests and visitors find their way is a vast improvement over a few months ago when front desk staff didn't have the time of day for less than VIPs. I won't put it back on my favorites list until I spend a night there, but it's getting closer. I'll post an update when I do.
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  • Most rooms are reasonably comfortable
  • Lots of history
  • Great location for Hollywood sightseeing
  • A-List nightclub if you can get in


  • The poolside Tropicana Bar is loud late into the night
  • Hotel guests have limited access to the pool after 7 p.m.
  • Hotel guests in the tower can't get in to the Tropicana on weekends


  • Address: 7000 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028
  • Phone: (323) 466-7000
  • Reservations: 1(800) 950-7667
  • Room Rates: $$$, compare rates at TripAdvisor.com
  • Website: www.thompsonhotels.com
  • Amenities: Pool, Restaurant, Bar, Nightclub, Fitness Center, Business Center
  • Parking: $23/night
  • Metro: Hollywood and Highland - 1 block

Guide Review - Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

The historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel used to be one of my favorite places to stay in Hollywood, but when it was taken over by the Thompson Hotel Group in 2005, it fell to the bottom of my list. In an effort to turn the hotel into a hot spot for the young nightclub set, they eliminated the concept of hospitality to the average hotel guest. Probably due to the many complaints from guests, they have made improvements. The Tropicana nightclub around the pool may still keep you up at night if your room is pool-side. But now they allow pool-side Cabana Room guests access to the nightclub at any time. Tower Room guests still have to get on the guest list like non-guests Thursday through Saturday if they want to join the pool party.

The fine dining restaurant Dakota is now open to hotel guests as is the burger and wine bar 25 Degrees which replaced Cinegrill downstairs.

The hotel still has its history as the original home of the Academy Awards and a who’s who list of who slept here, but Charlie Chaplin is missing from his long-time post at the Hollywood Boulevard entrance. The re-modeled lobby is dark and brooding. Who needs a double-wide chaise in a hotel lobby?

If you like to be part of the scene, you can find deals on poolside Cabana Rooms for $189 (pre tax)and up in the off season. Or stay early in the week for full access to amenities with your Tower Room.
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User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
2007 Stay, Member ScotsQuine

I'm pleased to see some improvements have been made to the hotel. My husband and I stayed there for a few days on our way home from New Zealand. It is an ideal location for exploring Holywood. We thoroughly enjoyed the food and the service in the restaurant was excellent. Room was nice but 'quirky' as was the en suite, although we found that a bit small. The entrance and the lounge bar we found to be much too dark. A little bit of mystique is fine but when you can hardly see each other it becomes a bit much! On leaving we had a large charge on our bill for telephone calls, none of which we made. To be fair, the reception staff were quite pleasant when I pointed out the mistake and it was soon rectified. I would stay there again, but not sure if I would recommend it to others as I remember it. I hope the improvements made have made a difference for the better. It has so much history it would be such a shame if it was allowed to go downhill. I'm staying in Holywood again shortly but would like to try another hotel in the area. I may just visit the Roosevelt for old times' sake though!

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