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Los Angeles Traffic


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Bing Maps for Los Angeles Traffic and Directions
Bing Maps

Bing Maps

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Bing Maps for Los Angeles can help you find addresses, map turn by turn driving directions and view current traffic, among many other things. Bing Maps is especially useful in finding the best driving directions for the current traffic conditions. It also connects to helpful apps for finding Downtown and LAX parking. I prefer the "angled bird's eye view" map view for efficiency of getting an idea of what the area looks like at my destination. It's much faster than trying to navigate through Street View, but if you prefer Street View, Bing covers fewer streets than Google.

What Bing Maps Does Best

  • Gives you the option of choosing Best Route based on current traffic
  • Traffic cams (can be slow to load)
  • Good apps within map for gas prices (doesn't include all stations)
  • Incorporates bestparking.com info for Downtown LA and LAX
  • Taxi-fare calculation app (I haven't tested its accuracy for LA)
  • A round-trip function (helpful for finding that return freeway on-ramp)
  • Angled Bird's Eye view option rotates map & shows building facades

More Pros:

  • Real-time traffic
  • Turn by Turn Directions
  • Drag route to change
  • Has an option to map routes avoiding highways or tolls
  • Street view function for main streets in Los Angeles
  • Ability to map a route through multiple destinations
  • Multiple printing options
  • Traffic cautions include hazards, incidents, construction and street closures color coded for traffic impact, but all the same icon


  • Public transportation info is limited
  • Street Views are limited
  • No historic/projected traffic info
  • Shows my address 2 buildings over
  • The apps don't necessarily work WITH Bing's own map function (you can't map a driving route, then click on taxi fare, you have to re-enter the addresses in the taxi fare app)
  • I don't like that I have to close the directions pane and lose my directions to get back to the main navigation index. There are navigation buttons at the bottom, but they don't have the same short-cuts.
Los Angeles Traffic Maps Overview
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