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Los Angeles Traffic


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MapQuest Los Angeles Traffic and Directions
MapQuest Map of Los Angeles, CA

MapQuest Map of Los Angeles, CA

Screen shot of MapQuest


The latest version of MapQuest has some fun and unique functions. It's my favorite for printing directions, since you can choose a bigger font, for easier reading while driving, and even better, the "track odometer" option, makes it so that I don't have to mentally add 3.7 miles to the next turn. If I remember to reset my trip meter when I start, then the numbers should match the directions. I also love the tips within directions that tell you the major street to look out for before your turn, or if you get to XYZ, you've gone too far. MapQuest also only gave me the correct options when I asked for directions from Disneyland to the Los Angeles Convention Center. I still had to confirm them, but Google and Bing made me choose from several options (the 1st was correct).

What MapQuest Does Best

  • Gives helpful tips in directions, such as identifying the major street or landmark before your turn.
  • Business icons at the top of the page make it easy to find gas, parking, hotels and a variety of kinds of businesses along your route with the click of a mouse.
  • More ways to narrow route by avoiding not only highways and tolls, but also ferries, country borders, seasonal roads and timed restrictions (most not too relevant for LA, but interesting).
  • Unique print options include "Track Odometer" so you can set your trip odometer and see what it should read when it's time to turn, and not have to mentally calculate the odometer change. You can also change font size.
  • Send to Mobile or GPS: you can email a Google or Bing Map, but MapQuest has the most options and easiest interface for sending to a mobile browser, Garmin GPS, Facebook, OnStar and more.

Other Pros:

  • Real-time traffic
  • Turn by Turn Directions
  • Drag route to change
  • In Driving Directions, gives multiple route options
  • Ability to map a route through multiple destinations
  • The 360 View (same as Google Street View)
  • You can choose between most direct or fastest route


  • Fastest route calculations don't factor in traffic.
  • Traffic cautions including hazards, incidents, construction and street closures are not as comprehensive as other traffic sites.
  • The "print gas stations" and "print parking" functions replace the driving route instead of showing stations along the driving route or parking at the destination. Hopefully they'll get that bug fixed.
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