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Los Angeles Traffic


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Sigalert.com Traffic Map of Los Angeles
Sigalert.com Traffic Map of Los Angeles

Sigalert.com Traffic Map of Los Angeles

Screen shot of Sigalert.com


Sigalert.com is a website that gives current traffic conditions on Los Angeles freeways and presents a network of traffic cameras showing freeway conditions. It also shows you the average speed that traffic is moving. You can drill down by freeway to see what specific incidents are causing delays exit by exit. I know a lot of people who use Sigalert.com, but I don't find it as useful as the first three sites I mentioned. There is a route function that will give you a variety of freeway-only routes from a particular on-ramp to a particular off-ramp and give you time comparisons for current traffic, which can be helpful for locals, but not so much for tourists who are less likely to have that information. Most of the local TV station websites use Sigalert.com as their traffic service.

What Sigalert.com Does Best

  • Side by side time comparison of four alternative freeway routes based on current traffic
  • Detailed exit by exit speed and incident report for each freeway
  • Extensive network of traffic cameras

Other Pros:

  • Real-time traffic
  • Shows traffic delays on map color coded for severity


  • No point to point routing; you have to know your freeway on and off ramps
  • Only shows freeways
  • Route options don't show on map
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