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Interview with a Nightclub Goddess

LA.com's Alexandra LeTellier gives us the inside scoop


Alexandra LeTellier

Alexandra LeTellier, Nightclub Goddess of LA.com

Photo by Howard Wise, Courtesy of Alexandra LeTellier
(2007) At 25, Alexandra Le Tellier is a veteran of LA’s nightclub scene. As Editor and Producer of the Nightclub beat on LA.com, she knows the ins and outs as well as the insiders and outsiders of LA’s booze and boogie havens. From dive bars to invitation-only; from Goth to Geisha, La La Land’s reigning nightclub goddess gives us the straight dope.

Where the Stars Party

Many Hollywood and West Hollywood clubs are popular with celebrities, but it is the promoter, more than the club itself that draws in the big names. Promoters like Brent Bolthouse or Allison Melnick draw in lots of recognizable faces. The DJ can also be a factor, with DJ Splyce being the latest spinner with an A-list following, gaining ground on the renowned DJ AM.

Getting on the guest list helps and is often as simple as calling and asking to be put on the list. “Being on the list doesn't guarantee you'll get in,” she advises. “You have to arrive early, look good and have girls with you. Promoters usually want two girls to every guy. Being on the list also doesn’t guarantee free entrance. You'll likely also have to pay a cover.”

If money is no object, or you’re traveling as a group of men, Alexandra recommends Bottle Service to speed your way past the doormen. “Purchasing bottle service guarantees no-hassle entrance, VIP status, a table and a bottle of alcohol, but will cost at least $300. This is a good bet if you want to go to LAX< on Wednesdays or Privilege on Saturdays (Closed 2008).”

It can be hard to keep track of who is promoting where on what night. “Our Club Nights Guides list the best things to do each night of the week. Many of our listings provide info on who is promoting, who to contact to get on the list and who to call to purchase bottle service.”

If celebrity spotting is really your goal, Alexandra recommends having dinner at the Sterling Steakhouse (Closed 2008), which guarantees entry into the exotic Cabana Club, “so long as it’s not already at capacity, reserved for a private party or a Thursday when Pantera Sarah promotes.” The same strategy works to get access to the famous SkyBar at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood. If you stay at the Mondrian or eat at their Asia de Cuba restaurant, you can bypass the velvet rope into one of LA’s most exclusive venues. The SkyBar also closes for private parties, so it’s always best to check when making restaurant reservations to make sure the club is open to the public.

“The same is not true if you are a guest at the Roosevelt Hotel, a guest in the poolside cabin or eating a meal at Dakota.” Alexandra reveals, “You have to be 'friends' with Amanda Scheer Demme to get into Teddy's or Tropicana Bar.”

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