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Tips for Getting on the Guest List at LA Clubs


Doorman checks the guest list

Doorman checks the guest list at Basque nightclub and restaurant in Hollywood, CA

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Getting on the Guest List of LA clubs improves your chances of getting in without a long wait, but it’s not a guarantee. It may eliminate or reduce the cover charge at some clubs and not at others.

Be Female

Women have a much easier time getting on the guest list for nightclubs than men, since the women are considered the bait to get paying men into the club. A group with two women to every man has a chance, but I have seen the men in a group be sent to the end of the paying line while the women are let in. Totally unfair, I know, but that’s what you can expect.

Call the Concierge

At better hotels, the concierge can help you get on the guest list of certain clubs. If club access is a goal of your trip, call the concierge staff before you book your hotel to see what clubs they have access to.

Call Early

For some clubs, it’s a simple matter of calling early in the evening and asking to be put on the guest list. You may be referred to a specific promoter. Some club websites also provide an email address for getting on the list.

Some promoters provide access to their guest list, especially for new clubs, through postings on the event section of craigslist Los Angeles, but it is somewhat tedious to sort through to find the postings. Searching for terms like “club” “vip” or “guest list” can help narrow down the search.

Bottle Service

For a group of guys, reserving Bottle Service can be the best way of bypassing the lines and guest list problem. This will get you in the door and a table stocked with a bottle of alcohol for about $200. Bottle Service prices depend on the particular bottle ordered and can range from $175 to $4000.

Dress to Impress

Male or female, you increase your chances of getting in and even getting the cover waived if you're stylin'. Good-looking people are considered part of the decor. If the doorman thinks you'll make the club look good or you look like you have money to spend, he has the power to pull you in front of the line and let you in free, guest list or not.
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