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A Traveler's Beach Workout in Long Beach

Get a Full Body Workout at the Beach


Due to the demands of traveling fitness enthusiasts, hotels are adding state of the art gyms or partnering with fitness clubs. But if you're staying in a Downtown Long Beach hotel, why go to the gym when you can workout at the beach? Although not the best for swimming, Long Beach is one of the best beach paths for keeping fit with lots of stairs, benches, bars and other fixtures to enhance your workout.

Fitness trainer and doggie event coordinator, Justin Rudd, conducts weekend fitness boot camps in Long Beach. Justin and April Rivas, a boot camp veteran, came out to show us how to get a full body workout along the beach. Although there are suggestions for beginners, this workout is designed for people fanatical enough about fitness to want to fit in a workout while on the road. Use described exercises at your own risk. Click photo for details.

Justin Rudd's Sand Challenge Boot Camp is every Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 10 am. Visit www.JustinRudd.com for more information.
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Bike Rack Hamstring StretchTraveler's Beach Workout in Long BeachPalm Tree Shoulder StretchPalm Tree Shoulder StretchStep Ups on A BenchStep Ups on A BenchRunning on PavementRunning on Pavement
Running on Soft SandRunning on Soft SandSide SteppingSide SteppingStair RunningStair RunningDune RunningDune Running
Wall Push UpsWall Push UpsRunning on Hard SandRunning on Hard SandStay HydratedStay HydratedLunge WalkingLunge Walking
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