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Kung Pao Kitty Asian Eatery - Restaurant Review

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Kung Pao Kitty Restaurant

Kung Pao Kitty Asian Eatery in Hollywood, CA

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The Bottom Line

Kung Pao Kitty Asian Eatery
6445 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
Phone: 323-465-0110

Kung Pao Kitty is a nice little place to get a reasonably priced and reasonably healthy lunch or dinner in Hollywood.


  • fresh ingredients
  • healthfully prepared
  • reasonable prices for Hollywood
  • nice decor


  • not enough flavor for me - needed lots of soy sauce
  • no spices or soy sauce on the table
  • projector that adds movies or photos on the walls was broken


  • Healthy Chinese Food
  • Wide Selection
  • Plenty of vegetarian options
  • reasonable prices
  • chic red and black decor

Guide Review - Kung Pao Kitty Asian Eatery - Restaurant Review

Kung Pao Kitty is now CLOSED

Kung Pao Kitty is located at the west end of the Warner Pacific Theatre Building on the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Wilcox Ave. It's a moderately priced compromise between the fine dining establishments and fast food restaurants in this neighborhood.

A friend had commented that she likes the way they have photos or movies projected on the walls of the restaurant, but when I went, the projector was out of order so the red walls were bare of embellishments.

Kung Pao Kitty has a pretty decent menu. In addition to the Kung Pao, the menu has all the usual Chinese dishes: Szechwan Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Mu Shu Pork, Shrimp in Lobster Sauce. They do throw in a few house specialties like Chili-Crusted Calamari and Red Miso Flank Steak.

Lunch specials range from $6 to $7.25 including entree, rice and a spring roll. Salad is $1.75 extra. Dinner entrees range from $8 to $13.

The chef at Kung Pao Kitty does not use MSG, or apparently much soy sauce or other salt. All dishes are prepared "mild" by default unless you ask for them spicy. Even when I ordered a dish spicy, it had very little flavor other than "hot" until I added a significant amount of soy sauce, which I had to request from the waiter, since there were no spices or sauces on the tables. Once I added the soy sauce, it tasted like good Chinese food.

If you order take-out, be sure to ask for soy sauce and spices. They are not automatically included like they are at most Chinese restaurants.

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