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Retro Row in Long Beach

Vintage Clothing and Furnishings on Funky East 4th Street


Most of the shops don't open until noon, and they don't stay open very late, but that doesn't stop Hollywood costumers and set designers from browsing the strip of East 4th Street in Long Beach between Junipero and Cherry Avenue looking for the perfect period pieces for movies and TV shows covering the 20s to the 80s. This long block is home to over a dozen vintage clothing, furniture and collectibles shops with a few charity thrift shops and stores selling complementary new items as well.

Here is a visual tour of what you can expect from a shopping excursion on 4th Street.
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Portfolio CoffeehousePortfolio CoffeehouseSirenSiren Gift ShopDeja Vu Vintage FurnitureDeja Vu XcapeXcape to a vintage World
SneakytikiSneaky Tiki Boutique2226 4th Street2226 E. 4th StreetLa Bomba Vintage ClothingLa Bomba Vintage ClothingStarlite RoomStarlite Room
Accent PiecesAccent PiecesMeow Vintage Clothing StoreMeow Vintage Clothing StoreThrift & GiftThrift & GiftRepeat Boo-TeekRepeat Boo-Teek
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