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Raging Waters Water Park in San Dimas, CA


Bottom Line:

Raging Waters is a water park located in San Dimas, California, about 30 minutes inland from Downtown LA. It has the largest acreage and the second most water attractions (19) of the four Southern California water parks, including a surfing wave pool where you can use body boards. This was the first water park in southern California and is still a favorite with locals.

Raging Waters Location and Phone Number:

111 Raging Waters Drive
San Dimas , CA 91773
(909) 802-2200

Tickets to Raging Waters:

Raging Waters Rides:

Raging Waters has 19 water attractions including a floating river, surf pool, some of the fastest slides, flumes, chutes and bowls in the area and 4 play areas just for kids.

Raging Waters Amenities:

Raging Waters has a variety of snack bars, changing rooms, and two sizes of lockers for rent ($6 regular or $8 large with a $5 key deposit). Free lifejackets are available throughout the park. There are four lounger areas on pavement, grass and sand with 1000 chairs total, but you may bring your own chair if you want. Regular and premium cabanas are available to rent by the day.

Rules at Raging Waters:

  • Raging Waters is a no smoking environment.
  • Swimwear cannot have any metal or plastic on it anywhere to go on the water rides (no buckles, plastic ring connectors, sequins, rivets, etc.).
  • "Provocative swimsuits are not allowed."
  • No long pants or denim is allowed in the water areas.
  • No cotton attire, including t-shirts on body slide rides
  • Raging Waters has a very extensive dress code posted on their website.

Hotels Near Raging Waters:

Raging Waters Website:


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