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Six Flags Magic Mountain - Visiting Magic Mountain


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Six Flags Magic Mountain - Overview
X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain

X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Courtesy of Six Flags Magic Mountain
Six Flags Magic Mountain is supercoaster central in the LA area. Teens view it as a rite of passage when they are not only tall enough, but also brave enough to ride Magic Mountain's monster rides. According to About.com's Theme Parks Guide, Arthur Levine, it has two of the top 10 fastest roller coasters in the world. As of 2011, it will regain it's position of having the most roller coasters on the planet with the addition of the Green Hornet vertical spinning coaster.

Six Flags was threatening to close the park in 2006, but the community banded together and succeeded in keeping Magic Mountain open. Since then the management has been working on cleaning up the run down image and better enforcing security to keep line jumpers and other trouble-makers under control to create a more family-friendly environment.

Magic Mountain Fright Fest is a seasonal Halloween event adding additional thrills.

  • Some of the top thrill rides in the country
  • More coasters than any other theme park
  • Much cleaner than it used to be
  • Long lines
  • Often disorganized
  • Environment not always well maintained
  • Rowdy teens are sometimes out of control and security not well enforced
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