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Six Flags Magic Mountain - Visiting Magic Mountain


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Tips for Visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain
Superman the Escape at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Superman the Escape at Six Flags Magic Mountain

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When to Visit - The busiest times for Magic Mountain are obviously summer weekends and school holidays. You'll find the park less crowded mid-week, especially in the spring before school gets out. However, you're more likely to find rides closed for maintenance on the off season.

Regular Flash Pass - There are two kinds of Flash Pass at Magic Mountain. The regular Flash Pass saves your place in line for you while you go do something else, then let's you know when it's almost your turn to ride, so you can get back in line. The Gold Flash Pass actually lets you cut ahead in line, cutting wait time by about 75%. There are a limited number of Flash Passes available each day and prices vary depending on the number in your group, the number of rides and the day. It may cost as much as $10 or more per person per ride for the Fast Pass, but it could save you up to 2 hours waiting in line per ride, allowing you to ride a lot more rides. The rides for which the Flash Pass can be used vary daily, so check the schedule at the park before you purchase to be sure the rides you want are accessible by Flash Pass on that day. Fast Passes cannot be purchased in advance.

Annual Passes - Even if you are not planning to visit Magic Mountain until summer, keep an eye on winter specials, especially annual Thrill Pass and Combo Pass offers. Even if you are only planning to visit for one day, the extra bonuses like companion passes and food discounts that come with the Play Pass can be worthwhile when it costs the same as one day's admission. If you live near a different Six Flags theme park, you might consider buying their annual pass, which will also get you in to Magic Mountain, but will give you other benefits closer to home for the rest of the year.

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