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Universal Studios Hollywood Visitors Guide


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Maximizing Your Visit
Lower Lot at Universal Studios Hollywood

Lower Lot at Universal Studios Hollywood

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Upper Lot and Lower Lot

Universal Studios is divided into the Upper Lot, where you enter, which is the largest section of the park and a Lower Lot, where you'll find some of the more adventurous rides. To maximize your time, do your priority activities on one level before moving to the next level so you don't waste time going up and down.

Front of the Line

In an eight hour day, you can probably fit in everything there is to do at Universal Studios if you plan well and it's not too crowded. If it's a summer weekend or you have less time, you might consider investing in the Front of the Line Pass. It costs quite a bit more, but you can save an incredible amount of time when it's crowded.

Rides or Shows

In general, the rides operate continuously and the shows are on a set schedule. So if certain shows are high priority for you, plan around those show times and fill in with rides in between. Show schedules are on display at various locations around the park.

If you're more interested in the rides, plan to get to the park early to avoid long lines. If you go straight to the Lower Lot while the other early birds are exploring the Upper Lot, it's less crowded.

The Studio Tram Tour that takes you out onto the NBC Universal backlot takes an hour. The last tour departs one to two hours before the park closes, so schedule it in early or be sure to be in line in plenty of time for the last tour of the day.

Keeping Cool and Dry

Waiting areas are usually shaded, and when it's hot, there is a cool mist sprayed above the corrals where people wait in line. There are also cooling stations throughout the park where you can stand and let yourself be sprayed with a fine spray of water.

If you are carrying a video or still camera, you might want to have a plastic bag or waterproof case handy so you can keep your gear dry. Lockers are available just inside the main gate and near The Mummy ride on the Lower Lot.

Child Switch

One parent can ride while the other parent waits with the child(ren), then the other parent can ride without waiting again.

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