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Universal Studios Hollywood Visitors Guide


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Rides - Continuous Entry
Jurassic Park Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood

Jurassic Park The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood

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Studio Tour - a 60-minute guided tram tour of Universal Studios back lot and some sound stages with special effects including fire, explosions, and King Kong in 3D. There are times when the tram is rocked aggressively. Tour varies slightly depending on what filming is in progress. Some effects may be scary for young children. Motion sickness risk - low.

Lower Lot

Transformers The Ride 3D (height restriction 40") - race through an elaborate flight simulation where your vehicle is tossed around and turned 360 degrees while in-your-face Transformers battle it out around you. Well-coordinated real motion and visual effects. Motion sickness risk - moderate to high.

Jurassic Park the Ride (height restriction 46") - float along a river lined with prehistoric reptiles who spit water at you, then plunge down a steep waterfall. You will get drenched. Rain ponchos are available for $1. Extra water is added in summer. Motion sickness risk - low to moderate.

Revenge of the Mummy (height restriction 48") - a fast 30 second roller coaster ride forward and backward in the dark with effects from The Mummy movies. Lower Lot. Motion sickness risk - high.

Upper Lot

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem (height restriction 40") replaced Terminator 3D in 2014. It is a virtual ride with 8-passenger cars in an amphitheater layout. The cars move and shake, so you feel like you're riding along on the 3D adventure with Gru and his daughters as you attempt to complete Minion training, but the cars don't actually go anywhere. Motion sickness risk - moderate to high.

The Simpsons Ride (height restriction 40") - replaced Back to the Future in May 2008. Another virtual ride, it uses the same "people pens," staging rooms and rocking cars as the previous ride, all retooled as part of the Krustyland theme park in fictional Springfield. The shaking of the car makes you feel like you're racing right along with your Simpsons friends through the animated world projected on an 80 foot dome. Motion sickness risk - moderate to high.

Shrek 4D - a virtual ride in moving theater seats with strobe, fog and water effects. There are stationary seats in the back for motion-sensitive people. Motion sickness risk - moderate to high.

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