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Universal Studios Hollywood Visitors Guide


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Shows and Rides on a Schedule
Water World at Universal Studios Hollywood

Water World special effects show at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA

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Ask for a schedule of the day's activities at the gate so you have it with you. The schedule is also posted at various locations around the park.

Animal Actors (15 minutes) - live show with animal stunts and tricks, audience participation - scheduled at various times throughout the day. Upper Lot.

The Blues Bothers (20 minutes) - musical performance - scheduled mostly in the afternoon and evening. Upper Lot.

Water World (20 minutes) - live action stunt show with loud explosions, fire and lots of water - scheduled several times throughout the day. People in the green seats WILL get wet. Upper Lot.

The Studio Tour in Spanish is also on a set schedule, usually hourly. Check the day's schedule for times.

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