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Warner Bros Studio Tour


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Warner Bros Studio Tour
The Warner Bros Water Tower

The Warner Bros Water Tower

Photo © 2009 Kayte Deioma, used with permission
Warner Bros. Studios (usually spoken as Warner Brothers Studios) is a movie and television studio in Burbank, California, just north of Los Angeles, where popular TV shows and blockbuster movies continue to be made. Warner Bros. Studios, with its iconic WB water tower, can be visited on a Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour. The tour is a combination of tram and walking tour that takes you through exterior street sets and into soundstages onto the set of current productions.

The tour changes depending on which sets are currently in use, so visiting on different days or different seasons could result in a completely different tour.

The Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour is the only LA studio tour, other than Universal Studios Hollywood, that allows children as young as 8 to participate.

Continue on the following pages for a dash of history, tour preview and details.

Warner Bros Studio Tour Overview
Warner Bros Studio -History
Exterior Sets at Warner Bros Studio
Inside the Soundstages at Warner Bros
The Warner Bros Picture Car Museum
The Friends Set at Warner Bros
Warner Bros Prop House
The Warner Bros Museum
Warner Bros Store and Commissary
Warner Bros VIP Studio Tour Hours - Location - Directions
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