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Ghost Tours in LA

A guide to ghost tours and paranormal attractions in LA and Orange County


Like any major city, Los Angeles has its share of historic buildings reputed to be haunted. Surrounding communities like Pasadena and the City of Orange have also found favor among local paranormal investigators, leading to a variety of ghost tours of the LA area's most haunted places. People also have a fascination with crime scenes and the final resting places of celebrities, so I've included those tours as well. The following are tours that take place year-round. For more seasonal ghost tours and haunted events, check out my guide to Halloween in Los Angeles.

1. Ghost Tours of the Queen Mary

The Haunted Encounters Tour on the Queen Mary
Photo © 2005 Kayte Deioma, courtesy of www.KayteDeioma.com
The most famous haunted attraction in the LA area is the Queen Mary in Long Beach, which brought its ghosts along when it cruised into the port in 1970. The ship hotel and attraction offers a variety of ghost tours from the cheesy Ghosts and Legends special effects tour to nighttime paranormal investigation tours that take you into the bowels of the ship with the tools of the paranormal investigation trade.

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2. Starline Haunted Hollywood Tour

Guided night-time tours of famous death and scandal sites around Hollywood. Private tours are also available. Tours leave from Grauman's Chinese Theatre.
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3. Michael J. Kouri's Haunted Tours

Popular psychic and paranormal investigator Michael J. Kouri offers several different tours of his favorite haunted neighborhoods. Each tour includes dinner at a haunted restaurant with a mini psychic aura reading. The Pasadena tour is a walking tour. The Hollywood and Orange County tours are a combination of walking and driving tours that may require you to drive your own car.
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4. Old Towne's Haunted History Ghost Walk

Old Towne Orange Ghost Tour
Photo courtesy of Haunted Orange County
Old Towne's Haunted History Ghost Walk is a 90-minute outdoor-only walking tour of charming Old Towne center in the City of Orange, CA visiting a variety of historic homes and businesses.
The walking tours leave from in front of the Royer Mansion, "Orange Chamber of Commerce Offices" located at 307 E. Chapman Ave, Orange, CA at the corner of Chapman Ave. and North Grand St.
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5. Hollywood Forever Cemetery Tours

Rudolph Valentino's ghost has been reported as being seen in 13 different locations around Los Angeles, including at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where he and scads of other stars of the silver screen are buried. Take a two-hour walking tour with mourner in chief, Karie Bible.
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6. Dearly Departed Tours

Dearly Departed Tours of Los Angeles, CA
Photo © 2008 Kayte Deioma, used with permission
Ghosts are not exactly the focus of Dearly Departed tours, although they're mentioned in conjunction with relevant locations. Rather, tragic happenings from suicides and accidental overdoses to mass murders and serial killings are the focus of this gruesome tour through Hollywood and environs. Tours are offered daily from Hollywood. Options include the Tragical History Tour, the Helter Skelter Tour, and Nasty Nellie's Hollywood Tour, as well as special Halloween Horror tours.
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7. Esotouric Crime History Tours

Esotouric Guides
Photo © 2007 Kayte Deioma, courtesy of www.KayteDeioma.com
Esotouric is an off-beat tour company that offers a variety of themed tours from literary and music tours to architectural history, but they're best known for their diverse crime scene tours. Ghosts may be mentioned, but locations of the crimes, victims, criminals and investigations are the focus of the tours, even if they've been bulldozed and paved over.
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8. Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles

Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles (GHOULA) is not a tour company. It's a social group for fans of ghosts and the paranormal. They host regular member events and also other public events that might be of interest to ghost hunters. Their website provides haunting information for sites you can explore on non-ghost-related tours, such as a monthly 2nd Saturday tour of the Point Vicente Lighthouse (by the U.S. Coast Guard Aids to Navigation Team Los Angeles and the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary) or Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night hikes in haunted Griffith Park (by the Sierra Club).
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