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Los Angeles Air Tours

Sightseeing Tours and Los Angeles from the Air


There are many ways to see Los Angeles, and one of the most fascinating is to fly low over famous landmarks and celebrity homes in a small plane or helicopter. Within close proximity to LA, you can also enjoy the thrill of taking a flying lesson, piloting a stunt biplane or taking the controls of a light attack aircraft in air-to-air combat.

Celebrity Airplane and Helicopter Tours

Celebrity Helicopter Tours offers a variety of airplane and helicopter tours from quick 15 minute rides to fancy 75 minute deluxe tours departing from the Carson Airport. You can see over those high walls protecting movie stars' homes, or see Hollywood lit up at night from above.

LA Helicopters Tours from Long Beach

Orbic Air Helicopter Tours from Van Nuys

Flying Lessons

Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Rides Over Temecula

Semi-Private or private sunrise hot air balloon rides over Temecula wine country for all ages 48 inches or taller. The 3-hour excursion includes 60-75 minutes in the air, continental breakfast, Champagne and orange juice.

Biplane Thrill Ride out of Fullerton

Co-pilot or just ride along in a 1935 Classic Aerobatic Biplane for mild maneuvers, or choose the Extreme Stunt Biplane for daring rolls, loops and spins.

Basic Fighter Pilot Experience

If you've already mastered your video game opponents, you can take the controls of a real light attack aircraft for air-to-air dog-fights with Phase I in Fullerton. Each mission includes ground training and 6 dogfights.
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