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Los Angeles Music Center


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The Ahmanson Theatre
Ahmanson Theatre Interior

Interior of the Ahmanson Theatre at the Music Center

Courtesy of the Los Angeles Music Center
The Ahmanson Theatre is part of the Los Angeles Music Center. It is located at the north end of the Plaza, behind the Mark Taper Forum with its back to Temple Street. It has a large proscenium stage and seats 1600 to 2000 depending on the configuration. It is used for large musicals and dramas presented by the Center Theatre Group.

The Ahmanson is configured with three levels, the Orchestra, Mezzanine and Upper Balcony. The levels are very steep, and from the Upper Balcony, you really look down onto the top of the actors' heads. Try to avoid Upper Balcony seats if at all possible.

There are also a couple levels of box seats at each side of the auditorium, which give a very "Old Europe" feel, but don't offer the best vantage point for enjoying a performance.

Check the Music Center Performance Schedule.

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